Anka Kočevar

Illustrations of trees

Location: Layer House

The exhibited works of art were created for the picture book Lost Straw Hat (published by Škrateljc). Illustrations from the picture book depict a modern fable (written by Uroš Grilc), in which the events take place in connection to a real place, the Šumberk forest. The illustrations created in the collage technique are pictorial surfaces built from tiny elements that were first drawn and painted, and then cut out and glued together in a larger format. This technique gave Anka Kočevar a lot of opportunity for invention in creating the compositions.

The exhibition features original illustrations/collages, presented without text, so that they are open for new interpretations by viewers. Tiny stories appear in these works, beautiful and masterfully detailed. Natural phenomena such as wind and cold weather flow into the viewer’s feelings. Despite the fact that the illustrations were originally intended for children’s eyes, they are interesting also for adult audiences, as they subtly tell stories about diversity and disorder, as well as the fragility of the natural world.

Anka Kočevar, born in 1982 in Ljubljana, graduated in painting from the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. He has been involved in illustration and animated film for many years. She regularly illustrates for the children’s literary magazines Ciciban and Cicido and the Trieste magazine Galeb. She creates book illustrations and regularly participates in animated films for children and adults as film animator and image creator. She has solo exhibitions and exhibits her works in selection exhibitions, e.g. at the Biennial of Slovenian Illustration, at the Biennial of the Golden Pen of Belgrade, or at Kosovel’s house. In 2019, she received a special commendation from the jury at the Biennial of Slovenian Illustration for her illustrations in the documentary Thousand Hours of Bitterness for One Hour of Joy.