Hana Černivec


Location: Medprostor (Interspace)

The series of illustrations, drawings and sculptures is based on the “aesthetics of the ugly”. Dirty, decaying, distorted objects are their motif. The artist is fascinated by their textures, deformations and the fact that they have their own character. She thinks about how they carry a story, as they have a past. She focuses on details, saturation and textures, deformation of form, which often leads to somewhat abstract scenes. These works of art are not so much about depicting the objects themselves as about creating an anxious, melancholic atmosphere. Therefore, she chooses objects that in themselves reflect decay and despair, such as discarded cigarettes, wreckage and purely abstract forms that she uses to complement the composition.

The works were created in a mixed technique, with ink, pencil and graphics, in black and white, and are presented as a complete piece, a spatial installation in one of the rooms in Medprostor. The dilapidated and abandoned house offers a suitable space for “annoying” objects, as the house itself does not belong to anybody and needs the eye of a patient observer to see in it an opportunity, a potential and something beautiful.

Hana Černivec, born in 1999, graduated from the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana and currently studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She focuses her attention to illustration and occasionally she writes stories. In 2018, she won the 1st place in the illustration competition of the Gallery of Fine Arts in Trebnje, and last year, she was selected for the exhibition at the 13th Biennial of Slovenian Illustration.