2nd International Contemporary Collage Festival

Kranj, Slovenia

Exhibition / June 28th – August 13th

Opening times

28 June 2019 → 6pm–11pm
28 June–4 July 2019 → Tue–Sat 10am–11pm,  Sun 4pm–11pm, Mon. closed
5 July –13 August 2019 → Tue–Sat 11am–7pm, Sun 4pm–7pm, Mon. closed

Daily programme / June 28th – July 4th

Friday 28 June

6pm KAOS Exhibition Opening: Leftovers / Layer House, Škrlovec Tower, In-between Space

9pm concert Futurski ft Tatjana Kotnik + live collage / Layer House Terrace

The band Futurski and the visual artist Tatjana Kotnik will be presenting the results of their musical and artistic collaboration during their residence at the Layer House. The concert in Ljubljana, at the Club of River Captains, will be the premiere for the latest album by Futurski, “Emotional Tourist” that will come out this June.

After party @ Trainstation SubArt: Dj Ogi (Hrvaška), Veztax, Lilson, Prio, techno / Trainstation SubArt

Saturday 29 June

10 am Bill Noir: Chaosmos, workshop / In-between Space / for children and adults (5+)

Play, collage, improvisation. At this workshop, we will approach the collage in an improvised way. We will start from our fascinations by such images, colours and textures, and propose collages that fit into our poetic version of the world. Max. participants: 10

12am Ballad of film and collage, opening of the exhibition with movie poster collages and original posters for movies by France Štiglic / Spot on Street Gallery

6:30pm Lula Valletta: Get gaga with dada, workshop / In-between Space (14+)

In this workshop, we will collaboratively create Dadaist poetry. Together we will focus on experimental writing using the different cut-up techniques of the Dadaists and William S. Burroughs. We will be working with found texts, new texts, collage, surrealist automatism, humour, and most important of all: coincidence. Max. participants: 10

9pm Lorca, me and you – poetry, music and dance / Layer House Terrace

Poetry, music and dance by the Roma from Spain, the Balkans and Eastern Europe will be interwoven in this encounter by the vocalist and musician Katja Šulc and the flamenco dancer Urška Centa, as they will be joined by the accomplished Slovenian jazz musician Robert Jukič on double bass.

Sunday 30 June

6pm Laute production: Original animated films made by children / Škrlovec Tower / for children and adults (5+)


This animated stop-motion film is inspired by Heraclites’ philosophy, especially with his utterance: “Panta rhei.” Everything moves, everything changes and our reality is made up of a struggle between opposites that always exist in a mutual tension.

Directed by: Rebeka Aljančič, Bine Praček, Eva Julija Rozman, Ana Štular, Neža Štular as group work
Mentors: Andrej Štular, Andreja Goetz
Duration: 3′
Produced by: Produkcija Laute / KD Nebo, Društvo Slon,
September 2017

A WORD IS NOT A HORSE or It couldn’t hurt to ask

Animated stop-motion film about Slovenian folk proverbs, using found objects. Proverbs are a like a summary of folk wisdom, common sense that can be useful anytime. In this film, the kids brought some Slovenian proverbs “to life” and in doing so, they might have made them even more understandable and fun.

Directed by: Sabina N. Bogoev, Bine Praček, Eva J. Rozman, Ana Štular, Neža Štular as group work
Mentors: Andrej Štular, Petra Stare, Andreja Goetz, Katja Stare
Duration: 4’8”
Produced by: Produkcija Laute / KD Nebo, Društvo Slon
May 2019

6.30pm Tinca Veerman: Homo Sapiens 2064, workshop / In-between Space / for children and adults

What will a bird look like in the year 2064? Will fish walk on the pavement, will we have wings and fly? Will our body and our environment adapt to all these extreme climate changes? How do we live then and what does a meal look like in 2064? In this workshop, we will explore our own vision of the future with scissors, paper, books, magazines and last but not least: GLUE! Max. participants: 10

8pm Guided tour with the curator Petra Čeh / Layer House

9pm Lullabies for Daydreamers, jazz concert / Layer House terrace

This project by the guitarist Urška Supej, building bridges between music and poetry, will this time be created together with the vocalist Maša But. Their original music and poetry will be swimming in the waters of standard jazz, pop and folk music, wishing to bring daydreamers where they can feel at home. On the stage, they will be joined by double bass, drums, trumpet and saxophone.

Monday 1 July

9pm Futurski ft. Tatjana Kotnik, concert + live collage → Klub rečnih kapitanov, Opekarska 8, Ljubljana

Tuesday 2 July

6pm Eugenia Conde: Collage is the answer … eventually, workshop / In-between Space (14+)

“In order to find the answer, you have to ask the right question first…” The goal of this workshop is to experiment with chance, randomness and spontaneity. We will do so by playing a game similar to the games Dadaists and surrealists played in order to free imagination from conscious control and thus find new and unexpected connections; in our case, to end up with a collage, “the answer”. Max. participants: 10

7:30pm Opening of large-size collage murals / Mergentaler Street Gallery, Podrtina, Trainstation Subart

9 pm Čompe (25 years), concert / Layer House Terrace

A great anniversary, quarter of a century, requires a great monument. This concert will be a glorious memorial to the greatest Slovenian band with the smallest amount of records published. They’ve been making noise through all these years but recorded exactly one album. 25 years of songs about the Human Fish, crows, vagrants, flowers of the night, turnips, Frenchmen … and potatoes!

Wednesday 3 July

6:30pm Marta Živičnjak: Decollage, workshop / In- between Space (14+)

The theme of the workshop is precisely the goal of knowingly and unconsciously, that is to say, in the spirit of new realists, by making collages, to decollage the techniques of dangling materials used by various artistic lines of Dadaism, Surrealism, Futurism and Pop Art. The elements will be disassembled or decolorized in a new form by cutting or shredding and re-composing into a new composition.

Max. participants: 10

9pm James Blood Ulmer, blues concert / Layer House Terrace – CANCELLED!

He’s one of the greatest guitarists of the past four decades and is also considered to be one of the finest blues musicians in the world. His body of work is tremendous and his metamorphoses reach from an early avant-garde jazz visionary of Ornette Coleman’s school to older protagonists of Afro-American music dialects, bringing together African rhythms, urban jazz, country blues, psychedelic rock, funk and sounds that even heavy metal fans would be jealous of.

Thursday 4 July

6:30pm Guided tour of the exhibition with Maruša Štibelj and Zala Orel

9pm Tinariwen, concert / Trainstation Subart

Tinariwen are the most accomplished desert blues rock band in the world and has been creating music for 40 years already. The band comes from the Northern part of Mali and its seven members are the Tuareg who escaped the violence of government forces from the South and found shelter in various refugee camps in the neighbouring countries. They are famous world-wide and have won the prestigious Grammy award.

SubArt Festival / Trainstation Subart

Friday 5 July 8pm →  Brkovi, Valter Svira Parafe, Sereš, Wasted Time
Saturday 6 July 7pm→  Lokalna scena: Raggalution, Nature, Didge, Neuromancer, Grimase, Nesit, March of War + techno/psy DJ-i SkokniPaLokni, Necropsi, Ofnana_pesa, Douchean
Monday 8 July 8pm  →  Siberian Meat Grinder, Total Chaos

Tuesday 13 August

 7 pm Guided tour with the curator Petra Čeh on the last day of the exhibition

Tuesday 3 September

8pm Mountain and Sea Zines, exhibition hosting at Rijeka /  Gallery SKC Rijeka, Croatia