Urška Mazej

Urška Mazej (Slovenia, 1988) graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana where she studied painting. She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions


Lane (Greece, 1983) learned the collage technique, for which she uses mostly paper, all by herself. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Greece, Italy, Germany

Simone Karl

Simone Karl (Germany, 1989) graduated at Technische Hochschule in Nurnberg where she studied design and completed Masters at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. She is

Kai Holland

Kai Holland (Germany, 1965) is an artist whose career started with photography, primarily documentary photography. He studied visual communication and photo- and film design at the

Claudio Beorchia

Claudio Beorchia (Italy, 1979) is an artist whose main interests are sculpturing, installation and collage. He studied design and visual arts on the university Università Iuav di

Brut Carniollus

Brut Carniollus (Slovenija, 1959) is a visual artist and a photographer specialised in photography based digital collage and digital graphics executed as original digital UV prints.

Giorgos Chronis

George Chronis (Greece, 1986) studied applied arts on a higher technical school in Rethymno (Crete) and graphic design on AKTO College in Athens. His main interest

Barbara Demšar

Barbara Demšar (Slovenija, 1969) je diplomirala iz likovne pedagogike pri prof. H. Gvardjančiču na Pedagoški fakulteti v Ljubljani. Študijsko se je izpopolnjevala v Franciji, ZDA in