Elke Desutter

Elke Desutter (1987) is a visual artist living and working in Bruges, Belgium. Elke obtained her Master’s degree at the KASK/School of arts Ghent in

Bram Antheunis

Bram Antheunis (1978) is a Belgian collage artist and co-founder of COUPEE Collage Collective, a platform for Belgian contemporary collage-art. The continuous search for interpretations

Miroslav Ćuković

Miroslav Ćuković (1982), an American artist of Yugoslav descent, is an academy trained painter, who completed his studies at the College for Creative Studies in

Mojca Senegačnik

Mojca Senegačnik (SI), was born on 21 April 1971 in Celje. After graduating from the Secondary School of Design and Photography, she studied painting at

William Blomstedt

William Blomstedt is a geographer, beekeeper and writer. Born in the USA, he graduated from Dartmouth College and worked for a decade as a migratory

Jaka Berger

Jaka Berger (1980) is one of the most active, creative and versatile drummers, composers and improvisers on the Slovenian music scene in the last fifteen

Nataša Berk

Nataša Berk (SI) – after finishing the High School of Design and Photography, she enrolled at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der Bildenden